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Classes now forming at the Fremont Recreation Center, Kern Center/Terra and in Gibsonburg.

Turn your excuses….
Into reasons…..
I did.

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2015….don’t ya think it’s about time?



I believe most people would agree a transformation is an essential component during certain times of their lives. I also accept as true, that most individuals hesitate in taking advantage of a change in their path in order to make the necessary revisions in their lives. Switching your workout routine is a great way to stay or become healthy, balanced and have a sense of well being. Wherever you are in life, change is always for the better. May your journey of never ending change enlighten your soul, fulfill the empty void, and to allow you to look at life as full of possibilities.

We cannot go back in time and start a new beginning, however, we can start today and create a new ending…the journey begins with just one step.

Let us begin.

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